Like Hemingway

She lies peacefully, an epitome of serenity in a cloudy puff of white mattresses. Her even breathing emanates like a rhythm, of a long lost song of intimate benediction, of a gaily song of love. The sound of silence falls over the room, like a shroud. I just lie there gazing at her silhouette rise and fall with the rhythm of her gentle breathing.

I glance at my watch, it is 5:15 AM in the morning. This explains why it is so dark outside, but this darkness is not that of impending doom, but of a certain dawning of light. The kind of darkness that gives you hope and not a premonition of fear. With her beside me, I am not afraid of any kind of darkness, I feel like I could slay a thousand dragons. 

I glance at her and try to turn to face her but something blocks my motion. I realize that her hand is over my chest, lying gently with her palms open, almost caressing the contours of my being. I break into a sudden smile, you know the type where it almost feels like a reflex rather than being a conscious decision? It happens to me every time I look at her. Continue reading



Memories, damning memories,

A Deluge of happiness, bursting forth,

In a climax of hurt, pain and regret,

The Memories, they keep coming.

Of  You, the times, the moments,

Mistakes, always ending in mistakes.

All the loving, the care, the tenderness, Continue reading

Dead Men Walking




We are all dead men walking,

Trudging to the end of time,

Going through meaningless lives, half lives 

Morbid, morose, melancholy.

Through the annals of the rose,

We come forth like the autumn winds,

We are ingrained in the ways of life,

Sickness and sorrow and love abound.

Then into the world we are cast,

Our first breath like a sigh of despair,

How insignificant, how small

How ridiculous our morrow. Continue reading

Happy New Year: A Rant

Happy New Year to myself, a year older but none the wiser.

Happy New you dear ex lover. How’s the new bloke? Hope you break up soon.

Happy New Year you false friend. I know what you’ve been up to. Expect no mercy.

Happy New Year dear best friend. Haven’t seen you in a while, but there’s no one like you. Hope to meet you soon.

Happy New Year dear crush. I know you know I like you and I know you don’t like me like that. Yet you are always there, my sword and my shield.

Happy New Year you spineless bastard. You only care about the birthday treat and are absent the following year. Hope you stay away this year.

Happy New Year to you New Year. Bring some happiness to my life, would you?