An aspiring law student in India, finding his own feet. Love Rock music & can spend hours scouring for music on the web. Big fan of Radiohead. Huge supporter of Liverpool FC and love football in general.

Love to read books when not doing the above activities. Been a little reclusive all my life, so books have been my best friends and would continue to be till I wither & die. Writing has been a passion of mine since childhood and this blog symbolizes my first foray into writing in a public arena.

I have always viewed the world on my own terms, trying to understand the intricacies and emotions entwined within everyday exchanges. My writing reflects the same. I also like being very crisp and to-the-point in my writing. No beating around the bush, just a no-nonsense direct approach. On the blog I let my creative forces run amok in posts ranging from personal stuff to short stories and poetry to bookish stuff and music.

Along with general writing, I do book reviews on the blog and accept requests for the same. Check out my reviews here. For requesting any book reviews click here.

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