Dead Men Walking




We are all dead men walking,

Trudging to the end of time,

Going through meaningless lives, half lives 

Morbid, morose, melancholy.

Through the annals of the rose,

We come forth like the autumn winds,

We are ingrained in the ways of life,

Sickness and sorrow and love abound.

Then into the world we are cast,

Our first breath like a sigh of despair,

How insignificant, how small

How ridiculous our morrow. Continue reading


Ramblings of Love: How Do I Take This?

(A bereft lover takes stock of reality and the toxicity of his love.)


How do I take this into consideration?

Staying away from each other ? I find that very notion very restrictive to my mental makeup. I cannot fathom how I can go all these days without even seeing her. It seems that she needs this. But for me it just doesn’t make Continue reading

On Mistakes

We Make mistakes. Making mistakes is a basic human trait innate to every human being. Nobody is born a saint. Mistakes upset us, make us detest our being, make us act irrationally, muddy the waters of clarity in our minds. Yet mistakes must be made. How do we learn if we don’t make mistakes and understand there is something wrong in the way we look at situations, others and ourselves? Continue reading


The clock is ticking. Every moment seems like it is meant to pass faster than it ever has. I sit safe and sound inside my world. But it is about to crumble. I feel it.

My head is aching. It seems yesterday’s alleged viva (which turned out into a full blown group discussion) has taken it’s toll on me. I can’t think straight. Last night as I walked out into the open, I felt a great burden had been lifted, yet it was not time to rejoice. Less than a week left for the exams. Continue reading