Memories, damning memories, A Deluge of happiness, bursting forth, In a climax of hurt, pain and regret, The Memories, they keep coming. Of  You, the times, the moments, Mistakes, always ending in mistakes. All the loving, the care, the tenderness,

The Final Straw

How can I be without you, my moon, my love, the light of the life? Aren’t we made of sterner mettle? Aren’t we two indecipherable forces of infinite capacity to love? Aren’t we the beginning, the end and all that comes between? Aren’t we two travellers under the sun, journeying together in this life?


Broken, Mirrors, Furniture, Life. Broken, Hearts, heads, Humility. He stands upright, Delectable, Respectable, Despicable, Senseless, Hopeless, Less, A trail of blood and a legacy in fire. The destroyer, the demon, Ozymandias, The last of them, the first of many.

Dead Men Walking

    We are all dead men walking, Trudging to the end of time, Going through meaningless lives, half lives  Morbid, morose, melancholy. Through the annals of the rose, We come forth like the autumn winds, We are ingrained in the ways of life, Sickness and sorrow and love abound. Then into the world we…


My being is unraveling inside,  Every particle screaming in a hidden pleasure,  Of something long lost,  Something left behind, 

Happy New Year: A Rant

Happy New Year to myself, a year older but none the wiser. Happy New you dear ex lover. How’s the new bloke? Hope you break up soon. Happy New Year you false friend. I know what you’ve been up to. Expect no mercy. Happy New Year dear best friend. Haven’t seen you in a while,…

On Separation

The separation manifests itself in distance Though it cannot distance our hearts. Our days are separate Our lives are different. But at night, You gaze at the stars Under the same sky as me.


  The sparks fly Pervading the atmosphere Like a thousand little lights Floating all around Every touch is electric Hair-raising, eclectic

I’ll Be Your Rock

Come my love, Take my hand and come with me, Hold me tight, as tight as you can Our journey has begun. On the brightest of days And on the darkest nights, In sorrow and in pain I will be there forever. Depend on me, my love I’ll be your rock.

Two Worlds Collide

It never crossed my mind What would happen When our two worlds collide?

Nocturnal Musings

The noisy silence of the night, The unfriendly friend leads the way Towards the hopeless void, Behind the veil of good intentions


The tears flow down Like endless rivers in pain, I wallow in emotions Forlorn in the dark, For in loneliness I seek A higher truth than is mine.