Like Hemingway

She lies peacefully, an epitome of serenity in a cloudy puff of white mattresses. Her even breathing emanates like a rhythm, of a long lost song of intimate benediction, of a gaily song of love. The sound of silence falls over the room, like a shroud. I just lie there gazing at her silhouette rise and fall with the rhythm of her gentle breathing.

I glance at my watch, it is 5:15 AM in the morning. This explains why it is so dark outside, but this darkness is not that of impending doom, but of a certain dawning of light. The kind of darkness that gives you hope and not a premonition of fear. With her beside me, I am not afraid of any kind of darkness, I feel like I could slay a thousand dragons. 

I glance at her and try to turn to face her but something blocks my motion. I realize that her hand is over my chest, lying gently with her palms open, almost caressing the contours of my being. I break into a sudden smile, you know the type where it almost feels like a reflex rather than being a conscious decision? It happens to me every time I look at her. Continue reading



I wake up in a daze. My eyes slowly adjust to the dark bedroom. I instinctively reach for my cell phone and activate it. 02:22 AM. Sleep is hard to come by. I look to my right. She sleeps there in silence. A serenity about her as she inhales and exhales, her chest rising and falling. She wouldn’t be so serene when she wakes up. The last few weeks had not been pretty. Continue reading


“Once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you’re feeling down”

Heaven, Bryan Adams (Reckless, 1984)

It’s overcast. It may rain any moment now. I hate the rain; no, I loathe it. Standing on the sidewalk I gingerly look up at the sky. Yes, It’s definitely going to be a torrential downpour. I choose to keep walking on. The roads are crowded, vehicles and pedestrians filling almost every inch of the expanse in between the forest of concrete. The cars honk and the pedestrians babble. I hate the cacophonic combination of these sounds. They make me cringe and I break into a sweat. My mind goes into overdrive. Taking in the presence all these people makes my head hurt. I shut them out. Continue reading