Music Review #1: Kveikur (2013) by Sigur Rós

(PS- This is my first Music Review & I have kept the language, assessments and analyses pretty much intuitive. Please forgive the screw-ups, if any.)


Album- Kveikur
Artist- Sigur Rós
Release Date- 12th June 2013
Genre- Post-Rock

After their ambitious attempt at creating an ambient album in the form of Valtari (2012), Sigur Rós decided to move on with their ambient sound & create a darker, more ambitious typical Post rock album. The Result- Kveikur. Astonishingly the idea to embrace this new sound Continue reading


Music Review #2: From Here to Now to You (2013) by Jack Johnson

jack-johnson-1378769686Artist- Jack Johnson

Album- From Here To Now To You

Genre- Folk Rock, Soft Rock, Pop

Release Date- 17th September 2013


After To The Sea (2010) Jack Johnson continues to successfully reinvent his sound and style, and this time he is better than he was 3 years ago. This time the songs are more country oriented than To the Sea, still his musical Continue reading